Sometimes not reading bottom on plane

SC53SC53 Posts: 348 Deckhand
Maybe you can help here.
Lowrance Elite 12ti with transom Mount transducer. Action craft 1820.
Can’t seem to get it to read bottom consistently while on plane. Most times it doesn’t (it’ll show depth but not not really bottom) but every once in awhile it read perfect. I’ve tried adjusting it up and down but nothing yet.
Any suggestions?


  • Gary SGary S Posts: 828 Officer
    Anything in front of it on the bottom of the boat? Anything that can cause turbulence will cause air bubbles and that will stop it from reading.
  • jbsrqjbsrq Posts: 207 Deckhand
    It's tough to get a transom mount ducer to accurately show bottom while running. As Gary mentioned and anything around it on the boat can cause an air pocket that will throw off the reading. Prop wash can also cause a problem. Generally a thru hull ducer will be better at maintaining a bottom reading while on plane.
  • SC53SC53 Posts: 348 Deckhand
    Nothing in front of it Gary. I know getting a transom mount to read good is very difficult (if not impossible) and a thru hull is best, but it's just weird that it can read perfect every once in awhile.
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 669 Officer
    I'm going to agree with the other two. I've never had any luck with a transom mount reading the bottom at speed. Like you, I've had it come through in quick blurbs and spurts where it looks like it's correct, but I've honestly never trusted those either. If you think about it, you're asking the transducer to read and relay the bottom at 30 or 35 mph. I usually go by my charts, look for the contours I want to check out and then slow down when I get in that area, just to make sure what I'm seeing is correct.

    That said, with sonar technology advancing as quickly as it is, it won't be long before we'll be able to lock in on the bottom and not lose any connection, regardless of the speed.
  • Gary SGary S Posts: 828 Officer
    I have a Gamin with transom mount transducer that is at least 10 years old. It will read the bottom until I hit 50 MPH. At that speed the transducer pops up. First on I ever got to do this. I got lucky.
  • SC53SC53 Posts: 348 Deckhand
    Wow, 50, I'd take 20.
    I'm just trying to get it to read while on plane which is about 15 mph.
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