Back in the 561! Got a couple questions!

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Sorry for not posting for so long... Busy summer up north. Didn't want to bore you like years gone by with mundane repetitive posts about tunas, whites or the stray blue marlin and certainly not dreary tales of Flounder and Striped bass when it got cold... Any way ran back the last six days . Rough most of the way but uneventful other than the water heater and whole fresh water system giving up the ghost the day we left. Started fixing that today...
Now the questions... Fishing off Stuart, what's happening? Next and more important... How's the wahoo bite at West End? General answers are fine. If you'd like to be more specific but don't want to spot burn in public feel free to message me. Plan is Wednesday Clear in at OBB, fish north. Anchor for mixed species at night then troll til mid day next day before heading back... I've got some really nice guests for this run and really want to produce... Thanks in advance...


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    I know nothing to your specifics, but mullet stragglers are still about so you should be able to have some with you if that helps. Dolphin have been moderate/slow but consistent off Jupiter and other ports the last couple of weeks.
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    Great... Any info is better than no info... Thanks.
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    pm sent
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
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    Compleat wrote: »
    . Didn't want to bore you like years gone by with mundane repetitive posts .

    thank you

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