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Rigging Live Ballyhoo...

msk99msk99 Posts: 356 Deckhand
I've watched a few videos on how to rig a circle hook on live ballyhoo with wire on the bend of the circle hook and then 3-4 inches of wire is pushed through the lower jaw and then wrapped around the beak (hook is not touching the hoo) and was wondering if the hook should be positioned in such a way that the bend and point is above the beak or below the beak....or does it not matter at all? I've seen it both ways, so just trying to figure out if one is better than the other as far as higher hook up percentage. Thanks.


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,016 Moderator
    I don't use wire when rigging live ballyhoo, I use a 1" piece of 3/8" clear plastic tube. Slide the tube on your leader before tying or snelling your hook. Put the hook, point down thru the soft portion of the lower jaw, then slide the tube down over the bill , trapping the bill it against the leader and hook. A lot easier than wrapping wire around a wiggling ballyhoo. Another hint, keep the ballyhoo in the livewell, holding it gently in your hand while rigging. It won't wiggle as much
  • msk99msk99 Posts: 356 Deckhand
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