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Feeding Eagles and Dolphins in Collier County

Tarpon20Tarpon20 Posts: 61 Deckhand
Just wondering when FWC is gonna write some tickets for this. Its become a joke over here with guides and boat renters feeding them. I have to be on high alert in the bay as people do donuts in the bay when they see a dolphin so they can beat on there boat to get it close or plow along to get it to jump in the wake. When I slow down in the bay to fish a spot I have dolphins rushing to the boat as if I'm gonna feed them or let them play inthe wake. The eagles even swoop down now if your close to try and get a hand out. The bay snook population is getting crushed by dolphins, something has to change..


  • DougDoug St PetersburgPosts: 160 Deckhand
    maybe start shooting dolphins:shrug
  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,984 Captain
    Doug wrote: »
    maybe start shooting dolphins:shrug
  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    Call it in and report em next time you see em doing it: 888-404-3922.

    Good luck,
  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,378 Officer
    The snook population is not getting crushed by dolphins. Where do you come up with that BS? How many eons do you think snook and dolphin have coexisted in your area? And dolphin probably in higher numbers than now with all the idiots moving to waterfront property. Will a dolphin eat a snook? You betcha! Are they a primary prey species for dolphin? Not on your life.
  • Tarpon20Tarpon20 Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Fish Stix for you to say that is ignorant. I have fished Naples my whole life and can tell you that while growing up the dolphins would rarely come within a 100ft of the boat. Now while fishing they will rest there heads on the gunnel, Ill get a pic for you next time. I have caught thousands of snook in the passes and bays in Naples and until a few years ago the dolphins didnt eat em. I understand they eat them naturally, but have you ever had 12 dolphins within 10ft of the boat trying to eat everything you throw back. On another note I grew up fishing the pier and use to float for tarpon every Summer during school break. Not once did I ever see or hear of a dolphin eating a thread, runner, ladyfish or mack under a float. Go down there now and you are lucky to get a bait out 20ft before the dolphin gets it. The dolphins strip most macks and pomps hooked on the pier. If you dont see this as a problem, I dont know what to tell you. What really gets me is when you take special care of a 20lb snook and release it in the rocks and the dolphin crushes it, throws it in the air till it dies and lets it float away.
  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,984 Captain
    Wrap a mullet in treble hooks and feed it to the SOB
  • Tarpon20Tarpon20 Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Oh and for the record, they use to kill dolphins in Naples. Seen plenty of pics of them hanging up like a tarpon from the old days. I can also bet when they got in a gill net they didn't call to have it rescued. I bet snook are one of the main targets for dolphins in our area, seen our entire pass loaded with threads from top to bottom for 150 yards and not a single dolphin crashing them. Catch a snook and you 12 close friends real quick. Maybe the problem is just Naples since the freeze didnt hurt or population like the rest of the state.
  • Anonymous2Anonymous2 Posts: 1,964 Officer
    Tarpon, I'm with you on this. But, these are smart animals and the damage is done. The question now should be, will I get in trouble for spooking a dolphin? Saying on my boat when they are around is, time to move. Sucks but that's what it's become. I'll call in on the idiots feeding them. It's not cute, it's illegal.
  • DougDoug St PetersburgPosts: 160 Deckhand
    Im in no way saying to really start shooting dolphin I was just kidding, I would never hurt a dolphin and to say they are hurting the snook population is rediculous and what "eagles" are you refering to Ospreys???
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