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11/26 Jupiter sails and phins

I hadn't planned on fishing yesterday but I saw MakoLogic's report from Saturday plus I was wide awake at 5am so I decided to head out solo at about 6:30 and work my way up towards Jupiter.

Trolled a spread of 3 different Black Barts plus a weighted purple and black islander just in case.

Not much happened until I got a strike on the Islander in about 220' southeast of the pier. That one didn't hook up but immediately after that the outrigger lure behind it popped out of the clip. Again though, no hook up. Finally the other outrigger popped and the reel was singing (quietly singing as I use Avets - the near silent clicker is my only issue with them). I eventually got the rest of my spread out of the water after I was sure I wasn't going to get a double and got to work on my first sail of the winter season.

He was eventually released and I kept working that same area, eventually getting another sail and two slinger dolphin. All of the bites came in an area around the size of a phone booth. Not sure what was so special about that particular spot - it was on the edge of a color change but the color change extended north and south and I didn't find fish anywhere but right there. I guess that was where the bait was, although I didn't see any on my sonar. From what I heard on the radio, the sportfish with kites out were getting sails and phins too.

I'll post a sailfish pic in a little while.


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