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Avet LX vs. Penn Fathom

GearUpGearUp Posts: 28 Greenhorn
Looking at purchasing a pair of either the Avet LX or Penn Fathom 30/40 single speeds. Using for light trolling and live bait drifting for kings/mahi/black fins.



  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 987 Officer
    1. That is probably more reel than absolutely required for your stated uses. However, those reels should serve fine in that role.
    2. I'd focus on selecting the lightest and most comfortable for you and your crew to use, in particular look at the handles/grips. After market handles quickly drive up the price if you need them to make the reel pleasant to use.
    3. Check out the drag curves. Some Avets have a very steep curve -- they don't let you easily use smaller amounts of drag and still have room to push up for meaningful full drag. This may or may not have a place in your fishing.
  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 864 Officer
    I've got an LX/2 that has been used for all kinds of stuff, including trolling. We've gotten kings, wahoo, tuna, dolphin and my sister even landed a small (125-150) blue marlin on it. We started using the Avets for trolling over TLD's and such for the simple reason that they are smaller and easier to handle for smaller anglers (wife, sister, mom). We put braid backing for increased line capacity and then splice in about 100 yards of mono as working line. We've even done this with the little SX/2 reels for tuna fishing. The stock Avet has plenty of drag for trolling; we put 50# on the LX.

    You may want to look at getting 2 speed reels. Yes, twice the gears, twice the price. But when you need to clear lines in a hurry or a fish turns towards towards you and you've got to pick up the slack fast, that high gear is a really nice thing to have.

    Avets do have a kind of funky drag curve. The main thing I've noticed is that on the lowest end of the curve it is really hard to get the drag set at a point where a fish can pull line at almost free spool but still have enough tension to help prevent backlash; it's either total free spool or a little more pressure than you want and the fish might drop the bait.

    You don't need to upgrade to the Avet raptors for trolling, but if you want to bottom fish with an Avet I would recommend the raptor models. Basic Avets are not designed for heavy drag. You can dial them up for heavy drag and they will do it, but you will be replacing bearings every year. Which I have done, and it's not that big of a deal.
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