No tarpon today but everything else was eating...

Met up with Captain Ross Gallagher today from Hogy Lures with our sights on filling the cooler (something I rarely ever do), rather than look for tarpon. Set out of Stump Pass calm seas and we immediately saw working birds over Spanish Mackerel in good numbers. We were using Hogy epoxy jigs with good success on the macks. We caught around a dozen each before we had enough to bring home. No really big ones with most being around the 15" mark.
We switched up gears and started the run and gun for some Triple Tail. Ross landed a couple of really nice ones, and the two that I caught were just undersized.
On the way in we stopped at Tom Adams for 30 minutes to see if we could pick up a sheepshead. Ross landed one right away and then we just hung out and caught several way undersized gags, two snook, and a jack.
We made it back to the dock by 1:00 and Ross had the honors of cleaning the catch while I washed down the boat.
Good times as always with Ross and also like always I picked up a few new tricks.



Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
2017 Tarpon Count: 109/431
Captain Keith Magnussen - Crooked Rod Charters
Instagram is @crooked_rod_charters


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