LWI 10/14/17 - Mahi, the hard way

I'm going to start this one off by saying that Vikki (Torri's Toy) is about the most dedicated Fisherman/fisherwoman that I have ever met. Today, she went overboard with a rod in her hand, & still managed to land that fish. THAT is dedication.

Just to add a degree of difficulty to the mix, we did it on a little daysailor type sailboat that didn't have a motor, a fish finder, or even a battery to run a fishfinder on board. It was truly a bare bones expedition.

We broke the inlet this morning, probably a little before 9:00. We found that NOAA had exaggerated the forecast a bit, as they have been known to do from time to time. Eastish wind was probably 10-15ish, but the sea state really didn't look a whole lot higher than 2', no matter where we went.

We trolled SE out of the inlet & made surprisingly good time down past the Breakers. Being as we were only in a silly little day sailor, we turned around & headed back up closer to the inlet when we got close to Trump's place. A little while later, the uprigger gets knocked down, then the long line gets hit. I drove the boat while Vikki started working the reel on the long line. Unfortunately, the two lines tangled. As I tried to straighten out the mess, one thing led to another & the tiny little potato chip of a boat heeled up on a steep angle & Vikki ended up in the drink. OK, I drop the other rod, strike the jib, get the boat in single handed trim & pull a U turn. Then I spot Vikki, in a life jacket, with the rod tip up high, still reeling. I couldn't believe it. I got the boat along side of her & luffed up. She tossed the rod in (with the fish still on). I pulled her up into the boat. She grabbed the rod again & went back to reeling. A few minutes later, I saw green in the water & we both smiled. We got that fish in the boat & headed back to the inlet. We were back at the docks before 1:00.

It wasn't the biggest mahi that either of us had ever caught, but it was the most well earned catch that I have seen in a long time. Our fish to fuel ratio was real good too.

I had a ball out there. It was fun.


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