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Ponds and Lakes in St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area

Hey guys...I'm new to the Forum, but I am told I can get some good answers and tips here....

I live in St. Petersburg, just outside of Tampa and I am looking for some ponds and small lakes that I could access from shore. I usually use Google maps to find new water, but b/c the area is mostly "city", I cant really tell what is shore accessible on the computer. I am desperate for new water to fish. I am looking for anything small within 10-20 miles from St. Pete.


Thanks in advance! TIGHT LINES!



  • SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
    I dont know any off hand other than maybe the Walsingham Resivoir. You have the two lake seminole dams you can catch snooks at from land. I have many in the north pinellas area. There is Crest Lake, great small natural lake and easy to fish from land. This might be a dumb question, but do you know that you can see satellite images on google maps? For most all of pinellas county you can also zoom in and get the "birdseye" images that are shot from airplanes. They give you a different angle, higher detail, and they can be rotated to view an area from each of the cardinal directions. Usually you can get a very good idea of accessibility from these shots. I wrote an article on my blog on bass fishing in small urban lakes and ponds. Check it out, the link to my blog is in my signature at the bottom of my post here. Good luck my friend, let me know of you have any questions about ponds in North Pinellas area.
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