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Sharing Our Florida

Sharing Our Florida
As a proud Florida native, and a people person, there is nothing I like better than 'Sharing Our Florida.' The Sunshine state has so much to 'share,' offer, the sportsmen/women of this great land. I have fished the great king fish schools of fifties & sixties. I have hunted on the grounds that are now the University of South Florida. We can no longer hunt the vast USF campus; in addition, the huge king fish schools now exist only in memory; memories long gone, but never forgotten.
Even today, today with Florida's huge population explosion, the Sunshine state has so much to offer. Our deer, turkey, and hog hunting opportunities remains outstanding. And then there is fishing. To say that Florida fishing is good would be a huge understatement. I have been fishing Florida's Middle Grounds and vicinity, on first the Florida Fisherman l, and now ll, for over forty years. Then, as now, the fish boxes are often full. Sharing the stories, adventures, of stuffed fish boxes has become a dream come true for me; payback for the honor of living a lifetime in Paradise. Last week my 'dream' was cut short due to medical reasons. A consequent CAT scan revealed fluid in my lungs, as well as a hernia next to my kidney on the right side. My doctor prescribed a very strong antibiotic therapy that appears to be working. Hopefully I will very soon once again be able to share Our Florida with you. I was forced to miss last weeks overnight Florida Fisherman ll adventure. Regardless, thanks to fellow Florida natives, Captain Dylan Hubbard, and the Florida's fishing Coach, Mr. John Martin, for providing the following pictures of yet another outstanding trip.
Captain Dylan Hubbard:
M. John Martin is an expert's expert. He has been fishing Florida waters, both commercially & recreationally, for decades. John is always more than willing to share his vast knowledge. Mr. John Martin can make a good fisherman a great fisherman:

Mr. John Martin leads by example:
The gags are hot, and, as the weather cools, gag fishing will explode:
The red grouper fishing remains hot:
Want to learn how to limit-out on mangrove snapper? See John:
Want to learn more about trolling? Watch Ed. This expert of experts will catch more fish trolling than the rest of the boat combined:
Hopefully, if health and mother nature permits, I will soon have a first hand report and video to share. As of now the health continues to improve, and the long range weather forecast looks fantastic.
Please follow along, or, better yet, join us in sharing what the Sunshine state has to offer.
Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association


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