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SCaveNJSCaveNJ Posts: 48 Greenhorn
I have a bunch of spots in the Keys that I’ve marked in the Navionics app on my iPad that looked like good places to check out. I only get to the Keys once a year, so I try to use tools like Navionics to do some pre-trip planning.
Recently (pre Irma), the maps were updated and now those same spots look featureless. I know that the SonarCharts are dynamic by nature, and should get better and better over time as people submit their sonar logs, but this just seems odd. I could see if just one or two spots changed, but there are a bunch that I’ve found that have completely changed.
I submitted a case to Navionics tech department, and was hoping that they would have the ability to check the spots at various points in time – much like Google Earth lets you view aerial imagery from years past. But sadly, they said they can’t do that.
Here are some examples of how the spot looked a few months ago. The GPS coordinates are in the image. These are screenshots from my Raymarine fish finder. I have not updated those maps, and now probably won’t due to this quirk. Has anyone else encountered this?


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 861 Officer
    Hey SCaveNJ, thanks for the question. I see exactly what you're talking about. I updated the Keys area on my iPad and see how those spots went from fabulous looking to almost featureless. As you stated, Navionics maps are very dynamic which is what keeps them as up to date as possible.
    The fact that those are fairly shallow areas (and taking into account the beating Irma provided) it is very possible that those holes have filled in. I'm in Stuart and was spared the brunt of Irma, but the winds we did get moved sand all over my inlet. Holes that were 4 feet on the north side are now 13 and 14 feet, while holes that were 5 feet on the south side are now beach. I checked that in person last week.
    I have a Raymarine with a Nav+ chip in it. I will update it tomorrow and post what those screenshots look like. I have a feeling you might have to so more reconnaissance though. #ThanksIrma
    Will get back with you.

  • SCaveNJSCaveNJ Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Thanks Mike. These spots “went featureless” a month or two before Irma, so I can’t blame the storm. I wish I could just run out to check them, but we only get down there once a year.
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 861 Officer
    Sorry, I read that wrong. Let me get to my Raymarine later this afternoon, update it and look at it as well. Thanks again
  • SCaveNJSCaveNJ Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Thanks! I appreciate the help.
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