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Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,508 Captain
...what model I have? My buddy gave me several Shimano Stradics to repair and the writing is gone. I would like to know what they are. FG, FE, FG etc. Are there pictures and descriptions anywhere? If needed I can post pictures. Thanks.


  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 332 Deckhand
    Look at the handle design. The Stradic Fi is the start of the direct drive screw in design. Post a picture. It's probably an FG or FH if it is the older model.
  • CageyCagey Central FloridaPosts: 917 Officer
    The only way to tell for sure what model you have is to compare it to the schematics. One quick way to tell apart is the screw pattern on the rear cover plate. They all have different screw patterns is the best way I can tell you to tell them apart.

    I work on them almost every day at a reel repair facility and when I run into the same issue I do a quick check against the schematics.

    Here is a link to a Shimano reel schematic website where you can pull up every one of those you mentioned and have them in separate tabs in your browser and simply cross check the screw pattern on that rear cosmetic cover for positive ID of your reel.

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