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We managed to get the whole team (all 6 of us) on board by 7am to begin heading out. Once we started to head out i noticed our boat, a 22' Sea Hunt bay boat, didn't even budge when we all got on board so that was the first good sign lol. Our initial target was fresh live bait, so we headed that way. Once we got there I was able to bring the ballyhoo right up to the bag for an easy shot with our hoop net. While trying to secure bait as quickly as possible to go hit the mutton and grouper grounds, the infamous yellow tail ball came right up and we managed to catch about 15 before catching enough bait for the day. As soon as we get to the grouper grounds we drop down a RonZ lure and catch a nice king. We stayed for about an hour or so and released an undersized black grouper, released an undersized mutton. We lost a few big hits on the bottom which i assumed was a black grouper. Thats when i told my buddy Johnathan to put the special bait and to let it eat, sure enough in about 6 min. he brought up his PB black grouper. After that we caught a couple more flag 20" tails and rode out to the mutton grounds. Once we got there the current was perfect and there was already quality fish in the box which was great lol. We stayed here for about another 2-3 hours at this spot and caught some more Mutton, flag Yellow Tails, a nice Dog Snapper, lost alot of BIG fish and released some Groupers and Muttons as well. It was getting late already and we all had a long drive back home to Miami, so we decided to go to a yellow tail spot with only one block of chum left just to finish of the 6MAN limit. As we were approaching the spot i notice my buddy Turkey had a long face after losing a nice fish to a shark in the previous spot. So i told the owner of the boat to head to a spot where I've usually caught nice flag tails and Muttons on the bottom as well, so we headed that way. Once anchored we started to bring the tails up to the boat again and suddenly my buddy turkey hooks up to what i believed was a monster 30" Yellow Tail or a Mutton on his 15# light tackle set up. Turkey managed to bring up a massive 15.7lb MUTTON on 15# floro after fighting for almost 45 min. After that he said "NOW WE CAN GO HOME!" and we all agreed that was the icing on the snapper slay cake!



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