10/15 redfish rejection

Went to Wac on Sunday. Got there just after dawn. The plan was to find new structure as fishing has been tough lately outside of a few old reliable spots. Water was high and dirty all morning. We found beautiful structure that held fish that simply wouldn't bite. We made a long run back to familiar water and picked up a rat red and a snooklet on a mirrodine. I was desperate so I cut up a lady fish and we bottom fished and used a cork. I hooked two drag screamer sharks. One was a spinner shark and just went absolutely insane with jumps and topwater headshakes before breaking me off on an oyster bar. Adam had the hot stick and the cork put several reds in the boat. These were the laziest reds I think I've ever seen and barely fought despite being upper slot fish. He had a few breakoffs on the bars too. One we came back a few hours later to look for. It refused to eat so I had to snag the cork that was still attached to it with a mirrodine. That was pretty hilarious. The tide started to drop big time and water was blowing out hard and the wind was screaming so we rolled out after that. It was the toughest day I've had in a long time but the new spots we found will pay off eventually.


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