LWI 10.16.17 - Mahi - the normal way

JIMinPB and I went out in my boat today. Headed east to 300 and started to troll east. Had a floppy floppy thing with Billy bait, silver black Bart micro, bally with pink flat nose, large squid daisy chain with blue/white squid and small pink daisy chain. Trolled out to 600 with scattered weed. No nice formations. Trolled southwest. Around 530 ft we had triple dolphin. Kept one and let other 2 go. They were probably legal but we're not out there to "slay" them. Made a few passes in same area with no hits. Continued southwest . in 350 we had a double. Again, kept one and released the other. Swung back around and had a few more hits. In total we caught 2 boneheads and 7 dolphin releasing 4 to grow up more. Had a good time with no mishaps.


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