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How To Use Oversized Lures On The Flats

Over sized lures in question-

-Yo-zuri Bull Pop
dorado, mackerel, ballyhoo, holographic black, ghost black
ID R1154 Length (in) 6 Length (mm) 150 Weight (oz) 2-1/2 Weight (g) 70
ID R1154 Action Type Popping / Splashing Diving Depth (ft) 0 Diving Depth (m) 0

Tennessee shad, sardine, red head, silver black, banana peel
ID F1151 Type Lure Length (in) 6-1/2 Length (mm) 165.00 Weight (oz) 1-1/2 Weight (g) 42.000
ID F1151 Action Type Tight Wiggle Diving Depth (ft) 2-4 Diving Depth (m) 0.6-0.9

-Gambler GZ 8"
copper field, gold, white, chicken on a chain, hammonds herring
Length (in) 8 Length (mm) 203.2 Weight (oz) 1-1/2 Weight (g) 42.000
Action Type Tight/Loose Wiggle (Depends On Rigging) Diving Depth (Depends On Rigging)

-Gambler Big EZ 6"
copper field, gold, white, chicken on a chain, hammonds herring
Length (in) 5 Length (mm) 127 Weight (oz) 3/4 Weight (g) 21.2621
Action Type Tight/Loose Wiggle (Depends On Rigging) Diving Depth (Depends On Rigging)

Type Lure Length (in) 4 Length (mm) 101.6 Weight (oz) 1/4 Weight (g) 7.08738
Action Type (front) rooting Action Type (back) flick/kick backwards Action Type Weight (oz) 1/4 falls like 1/8th

During the day it's wise to use small lures because most gamefish are active hunters at night, so in a sense you're just tossing them a snack to hold them over till dusk. When I use larger lures I typically like to sight cast to fish just because these larger lures are a lot heavier and take a lot more effort to use. Blind casting is still a very viable option because of the heavyweighted nature of these lures, you can toss them a "country mile" (metric). With larger lures I tend to like the yo-zuri products over the rapala just because they only dive to a maximum of 4 1/2ft. In other words you can use them without hitting bottom. When I go farther out or in current I will take rapala over MOST yo-zuri products because the action is better in current. I'm mainly comparing the Xrap to the Crystal Minnow in this thread. The good part about the Mag Crystal Minnow is that it floats to the top really quickly so you can use it as a jerk bait in less then 2ft of water with ease. The bull pop is really good for targeting near shore or flats gamefish such as, Spanish, kingfish, redfish, snook, and tarpon (cuda). It, however, does not do well with lots of grass. My go to, Oversized lure has to be a gambler Big EZ or GZ 8". They just work so well it's almost unrivaled. You can use them weedless, on a jig head, in any depth of water, for just about any type of gamefish. I even troll mine and have gotten fish at max speed and even at a super slow crawling speed. When I'm working a mangrove line I tend to move slowly and will normally have a Big Ez out the back in gold, copper field, or white, and all this bait does is catch any fish that I may spook as I have the lure 100ft behind me at times just weedlessly dragging bottom or on a float to keep it near the top. The Marker54 Hard Plastic Shrimp can be worked both backwards and forwards (see top). Everything loves a big ol shrimp! (Not a complete report)

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