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Crazy Ft. Pierce fishing trip, overslot snooks, trout over 30 inches

A buddy and I took my john boat up to Fort Pierce before hurricane Irma. We found an abundance of large sized pilchards and loaded up the wells with plenty to spare. I has seen a school of snook sitting in a deep trough caused by one of the large outflows out of the mosquito impoundments. I decided to start live chumming and I had a feeding frenzy in front of me within five minutes. My friend and I couldn't get baits in the water fast enough. We broke off many overslot snook and huge jacks. We managed to land 3 trout over 25 inches, the biggest being my personal best at 32 inches. In total we landed 5 snook that were top slot or over, and the three trout. We caught all these fish in the first hour of incoming tide after a pretty big low. See attached photos


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