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Mullet Run PAFB 9-29-17

Went back out a week after my last fishing trip. The seas were calm enough to give the mullet run another shot. In the morning it wasn't as windy so I was able to spot small schools of mullet swimming up and down the beach. We had some live shrimp out there soaking on the bottom and at the same time I was casting a gator spoon whenever the schools of mullet passed by and followed them for as long as they were within range. These were mostly finger mullet and most of the schools were close to shore. A lot of the pods were being followed by tarpon that were exploding out of the water and rolling right behind the schools. I hooked into something substantial but it came off. Second hookup I landed a small snook. On the shrimp we caught some jacks, margate and sheepshead. Got too rough around noon and called it quits. An OK day of fishing and waiting on better conditions in my area to really take advantage of this mullet run.
Here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/1O88riR9qo4


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