Turnpike Baby **** Action.

thflyingclouserthflyingclouser Posts: 52 Greenhorn
I've bee having a blast lately targeting these little guys. Along side the turnpike all over South Miami. They are aggressive and pack a punch. My blood flows when I spot one charging my fly. And once the hook pierces the lip the show begins. I always get 5-6 jumps on these little guys at a minimum. I first notice these baby silver kings while peacock fishing on my lunch break. As luck would have it I'm blessed with an excellent canal down the street from my shop. One Baby **** revealed itself by making a hard strike While fishing a Clouser Minnow (Peacock Fry Pattern). After a few failed attempts I quickly realized I needed a better fly for the job. once I got home I tied the fly you see below. The very next day I was eager for 12pm to hit, I couldn't wait to try out the new fly. once I arrived it didn't take more than 2 cast before I was on! "Success Is Mine" :) This little guy gave a great fight and was safely released afterwards. Looking forward to enjoying these little guys as long as their around.

Enjoy the pictures!


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