Bishop's Harbor report

I parked my kayak to try out the skiff I picked up before the storm. I've been fishing these areas (BH/CRB) for years but my wife and youngest son are not big fans of paddling long distances.
Monday, my son and his friend were still out of school due to ongoing Irma clean up over here n Polk. We decided to put the "new to me" boat in at Bishop's Harbor and let them fish a couple of the spots I'd been hitting lately. They love bass fishing the Peace River, so I showed them some spots that held small snook that will jump a fluke skipped under the mangroves. They both caught several in the 20"-24" range. I didn't realize neither had ever caught a snook on artificial before so that was cool.
We saw a school of mullet cruising by and they both threw their flukes just passed them and swam them through the school. Both hooked up with a couple of small reds that were trailing the mullet. That was their first redfish, too so it was a good trip all around. They are pretty hard core bass fishermen but I don't think I will have a problem finding someone to fish south T.B. with me this fall.


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    I love this. The most rewarding catches are most often the ones that aren't on the end of our own line! Watching my daughter reel in her first bass, perch.. or just hang out in the boat and spend time on the water are memories that are unmatched. And on a selfish note, the more the kids want to hit the water with me, the more lenient the wife is with time!
    Sounds like a successful trip you guys had, and sweet to have snook and reds hitting on the flukes. I have a hunch your son and his buddy will be back with you for more! Thanks for sharing!
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