backing knot suggested by Carl Blackledge

smctroutsmctrout Posts: 36 Greenhorn
Carl Blackledge recommended the following knot for joining spectra backing to a flyline:

The best knot to use is the triple surgeons loop (6 times thru) when you make the loop, make sure you end up with a two foot loop single strand, then double that loop over on it's self and tie another surgeons loop 3 times through, when finished you will have a loop one foot long with double line. Lefty claims that knot is stronger then a Bimini with 50-70 twists.

My question:
When you tie the second Surgeon's loop with the doubled line, how close to the first 6-pass Surgeon's loop should the knot be for the second three-pass Surgeon's loop?



  • backbonebackbone Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    As close as you can get to it.
  • backbonebackbone Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    I tied this set up last night and I really like the way it lays down! And--> it takes a fraction of the time it does for the bimini!
    Thanks for the tip @Carl Blackledge!
    Now on to the splicing....
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