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Fake Kayak Marlin - Sept 2017

I caught this Billfish right before Hurricane Irma hit. It had the dorsal fin of a Marlin......

Jumped like a Marlin....................

Looked like a Marlin underwater........

Hmmmm ....follower Looks like a Sailfish................

Conclusion: This Sailfish had it's dorsal fin deformed or mutilated to look like a Marlin......Insert on the right shows the normal dorsal fin of a sailfish.

Below are deformed Sailfish.....the one on the right is missing it's bill, this one has the missing sail :(

While I was unhooking the one, the follower came in for a farewell look. Had I done the illegal act of pulling the Sailfish on my lap, the mate probably would have swam off.

Once unhooked, I started the revival process. Billfish are ram-vent breathers that need to be moving to flush water across their gills to breath. After a long fight their muscles are full of lactic acid that paralyses their ability to swim. By peddling while keeping their bill submerged in the water, one can flush water through their gills and help revive them without them having to swim.

During the revival process, I was happy to see that the mate tagged along in the background.

Colors looking good, Starting to use his tail more.....almost ready for release.

So long friend, hope to catch you again next year !


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