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9/21 PE Offshore and John Loyd report

So went on last min trip with my son to see what debris lines were left from the cane. Got to John Loyd (it will always be loyd to me) and they were closed, I couldn't turn around so I told the gate attendant that I had to go to the ramp and turn around. Well there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the boat ramp, docks parking or road into the park. It really PMO that they closed the ramp to boaters. Anyway went to Harbor town and we were on our way. At about 8 miles lines of debris, grass, plant roots stumps etc started to show. We caught everything you don't want to catch. After about 3 hours and our 5 line that we pushed out to we missed a nice double due to a boat going North while we were going South that jumped them a 100 yards from us:banghead Told my 10 yo that's fishing, we ended up sitting near them with bait in the water but nothing was around, went to the sixth line and nothing. Headed in with a happy son that was able to go fishing. The moon and sun aligned but just not the fish, get em next time.


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