Labor Day Pipeline Report

My wife has been wanting to get out and do some fishing in the blue water and so we thought it might be a great adventure to invite my daughter and son-in-law, with winds forecast to be 5 mph or less I decided to make the 60 mile run to some #'s on the pipeline. It was a really nice ride out and calm enough that we were able to spot a crate floating at about the 50 mile mark. Running over to check it out I spotted something splashing around in the crate and about 5 Triple-tail swimming underneath it, after picking off 2 of largest, I flipped the small one out of the crate to catch another day. After reaching our desired fishing spot the tide was slow and the bite followed the tide, but we were still able nab a few ARS, a couple Red Grouper, a Mang, and a 2 1/2 lb grunt :), I did catch an African Pompano just under-size, I actually thought it was a Gag the way that thing pulled. It was reeeeally calm and so it was reeeeally HOT, apparently the Gulf seemed more desirable for swimming than fishing so we took a dip in Gods wonderfull swimming pool.:applause


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