90 Gallon Aquarium Setup

JoshJosh Posts: 9 Greenhorn
A few years ago I was getting back into aquariums and well, life happened. I purchased everything I needed and never set it up. Wife wants it gone.

90 Gallon Glass Reef Ready Aquarium (48" X 18" X 25")
1200 GPH Model 12 Supreme Classic Pump
350 GPH Model 3 Supreme Classic Pump
Maxi-Jet 600 Pump (2)
Maxi-Jet 900 Pump
AquaC Urchin Protein Skimmer
Bulkheads for Overflow Holes
Various PVC Valves and Attachments
Unfinished Stand
20 Gallon Refugium
AquaticLife T5 Light Setup
Various Water Testing Equipment (Including a Refractometer)

The only thing I can't find are two of the brackets for the light fixture that attach it to the tank. The missing brackets can be ordered on the manufacturer website for $10. I have the hardware kit to suspend it above the tank if you have/build a hood.

All of this equipment is a few years old but is unused. The tank has never had water in it. The light fixture has never had the bulbs installed (still in box). All the pumps are still new and in the box. Everything has been stored indoors with the exception of the refugium. The refugium was stored on my patio and is dirty and in need of cleaning. I built the stand. It will hold the tank however my carpentry skills are not expert level so the fit and finish are not perfect.

Looking back through the receipts I paid well north of $1500 for all of it. I'm looking to get $750.

This would have to be local pick up (Homestead/Redland, FL) as the tank and stand are very heavy. If you have any questions or want additional pics let me know.


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