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Thursday 08/17/2017 offshore

Fished east of Jacksonville around 50 miles out in 125 feet. Fished some small spots I had not fished since adding my minn kota trolling motor. Made a big difference being able to stay on the small spots. Caught some really nice triggers, red porgys, and vermillion snapper on the bottom. Caught six dolphin while bottom fishing, 4 were keepers. Lost another keeper that I tried to flip in the boat. Found the best thing for the dolphin was to free line a whole or half squid while bottom fishing. Once the remoras find you, you will have to move, or be reeling them in every 2 minutes. Biggest trigger went 10 pounds and the biggest vermillion was 3 pounds. Great day on the water and our box was full by 1100. Tried fishing some vermillion snappers for big fish but no takers. Had what I think was a really nice king or wahoo on a flat line grunt. Fought for 10 minutes until I felt it get tail wrapped. Pulled in inch by inch until we saw color and came off. Looked like a really nice fish. Caught two 20lb plus red snapper on squid while fishing for the triggers.


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