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Mayport or Vilano tomorrow?

I went out last weekend from Mayport and hit the wrecks. I had a load of pogies from the beach in no time and we got one knockdown all day. Fortunately, we landed it, so we had a little snake king for dinner, but no sharks, no Cuda, no remora, no nothing. Water was dirty out there, too.

So with the rain this week, I'm wondering what my best bet is? Mayport and work the jetties? Mayport wrecks? Red tops?

Or head to Vilano and work the beach there, or 9-mile? The forum hasn't had much other than inshore reports and way offshore (thanks to the posters, by the way) and on the Fishing Forecast show this week, the guys just talked about how weird it's been.

So, I guess a poll is in order... What's the best shot at bending rods tomorrow within ten miles of shore?


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