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Murky feast 10/06/11

f1s2000f1s2000 Posts: 86 Deckhand
Decided to head out with the crew even though it was windy. We were in the water by 8 am at spot one. I jumped in and boy was it merky. Visablilaty was not good :hairraiser and the water temperature has gotten colder. Anyway when I reach the bottom there is a nice hog just laying there next to a big rock. Boom I pop him right away. As I am pulling him up I notice that there is some co-motion next to the hog. When I look I notice alot of tenticles moving around from every hole. I come up and tell the guys fire up the brownie and lets go lobster picking (Not to be confused with strawberry picking). We went back down and shoot a couple of hogs and 2 nice red groupers.
We then start picking up some nice lobsters. The spot was loaded and thanks to the brownie we took turns making it an easier job considering that the water was really murky.
The lobster were all nice size considering they were all in one spot!

We had brought a big bag of crushed lobster heads just in case because of the windy conditions the fish might not be out. But we didn't need them after all. And after the dive we decided to throw them in the area anyway. (Maybe that is reason why most if not all our spots have life. In fact we went once a week during the winter last year from november to april and all we did was chum up the areas. It has paid off)...... Not even a minute later after the heads were dropped the mangos start coming out of everywere. And they were nice size too. But since we were good with our catch we headed back by noon. :hungry


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