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Hi guys,

For my birthday this year, a good family friend is taking me to bass pro to pick out a set of polarized fishing sunglasses. I don't know what his budget is, and it could be that the lower-end Costas are outside of it ($169). From what I can see, there's the XPS (in house brand) for $25, Guideline at around $60-90, Strike King at around $40, Angler Eyes at around $30, and Solar Bat at around $30.

Does anyone have any experience with these brands? I fish almost entirely inshore and in freshwater canals and ponds in South Florida, so I was thinking I'd go with a green mirror/brown base lens color.


  • tarpon41tarpon41 Posts: 191 Deckhand
    Have you and friend check out sierra trading post for polars...and get either usa or italian lenses smith or serengeti...look carefully at Coastas and others IMO don't spend 100 plus on chinese...costas are for the most part chinese...but if they are 50 bucks but not 150 need to pay for marketing sizzle
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    I think you are good w the colors and I agree w sierra trading post - had great smith's recently very inexpensive!

    In my opinion Sith's are the best!
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    Stopped wearing my Costa's after getting a nice pair of Smith's with Chromapop lenses on sale online for like $90.
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    Glass will not scratch easy compared to poly lenses and if you go with less expensive glasses carefully inspect the lenses for flaws and distortions first.
    All I currently own are Smiths.
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    It is good that you have done a quite research on brand, product and its prices as well as you have already decided the lens color too. As there are wide varieties available in glasses for women, the price varies according to its type. For more information you can check the reviews of customer online at company website. My friend too loves fishing as well she like to spend vacations at the beach and she had recently shopped pair of fishing and designer sunglasses for her from Dollbox and RayBan. You can also check this site to find the sunglasses for yours and my friend had a good experience with it.

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    I am an ophthalmologist, and a fly fisherman.
    It is definitely worth it to spend $100+ on a pair of quality fishing sunglasses like Costas or Maui Jims. You don't want to miss the bonefish, permit, or tarpon of a lifetime. Get a croakie to keep from losing them, wash them with a proper cloth, and they will last years.
    The best for flats fishermen are brown and amber lens-colors, polarized, and with mirror fronts. You want them to wrap around your temples, and be close to your face. I have dark pairs for sunny days, and light pairs for less-sunny days. For offshore and deepwater fishing, grey lens colors are the best.

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    I stopped wearing costa del ripoffs a few years ago and tried a pair of smiths, now I wouldn't go elsewhere. Sometimes you can pick them up for around $80 online with the chromopop polarized lenses. I've had the 'guides choice' model for over 18 months now and they're extremely snug and what's awesome is you can change the lenses. A company called fuse lenses make replacement lenses for $35 a set, they fit the frame perfectly and have a good selection of premium polarized colours

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    Glass lenses for sure and amber or brown lens
  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 5,069 Admiral
    I had a pair of Bill Dance glasses I bought at Wally world for $15.   I liked them pretty well.
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    stc1993 said:
    I had a pair of Bill Dance glasses I bought at Wally world for $15.   I liked them pretty well.
    Do they make you fall out of the boat and do dumb things? LOL Love me some Bill Dance bloobers.
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    I like the Smiths, but they retail at $200. My dad has a pair of Sundog polarized glasses. They're very nice and affordable. 
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