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Monthly Fishing Quality

There may be a post about this, and if so please direct me to it if this is a dupe. I'm wondering how everyone perceives the different seasons. Here is how I currently understand them and looking for those who can tell me where I'm right or wrong. Mostly looking for Fall/Winter recommendations.

Summer: Best weather as long as you know the typical daily storm cycles. Bigger fish are deeper because they seek cooler water. Good bait

Spring: Big fish start migrating deeper but can still find them in nearshore reefs around 15-20 miles. Cold fronts become less frequent so boating forecast improves. Good bait

Fall: Cool fronts begin. Winds start kicking to 10 knots+ pretty frequently. Deeper water for bigger fish still recommended. Pinfish become less abundant. Whitefish more abundant.

Winter: Lots of cold fronts kicking up the winds. Offshore becomes frustrating because you have to make last minute decisions based on what one day you can have a day with low winds. Big fish are closer due to cooler water temps. Pinfish non-existent. Whitebait the norm. I have a 24' mako walkaround w/ cuddie. Not a huge boat but can run 50 miles. Not a fan of wind over 8-10 knots.



  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,767 Moderator
    Boy i wish it was that easy. There so many variables, each species has different set of seasonal patterns that they follow normally. The spawning,the bait migration,the north to south Gulf Stream distance from shore, i could go on.
    If you narrow it down to one Species like sheepshead they show up to spawn in the colder months then are gone till the next winter to parts unknown, you get my drift. It is a challenge to try and figure it out, i am still trying.:huh
  • stallan54stallan54 Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    I guess I'm more curious about RG and snapper. I didn't get out much last year, but I had to go 30-40 miles out during summer to get a good day of keeper RG's. In winter, I would go 20 miles or to the 240 ledge and hit keeper RG's and 16-18" mangos. Coincidence or not?
  • lukkyracerlukkyracer Posts: 745 Officer
    Looks like you got it figured out. Nice job
  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    More or less. Temperature isn't the only factor. Salinities drop and clarity changes in the summer months. Late spring and early summer before the rains start bring higher salinities and clearer water closer to shore. As larrywitt says, so much goes into it, but I would say you are on the right track. Just remember there is no golden rule. You can go 8 miles off in the summer to a spot that all you ever get is lanes and short red grouper, and one day nail a 30 inch gag there. Fish don't always follow our rules.
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