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Keys August 12-19th...lobster?

Are there still lobster to be had after the first week of regular season? I have no problem working for them, but are they out there in the gulf to be caught once mini season has passed and all the traps go out? Is there any better spots to focus on once its later on like that?


  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 669 Officer
    Yes, it's worth going for them til end of September. Places fill up slowlyyy in handful numbers at best. Traps have their onslaught. Out back is reasonable/better too. Think of places you go that are funnels.
  • woodytoowoodytoo Posts: 404 Deckhand
    I find that a full moon change really replenishes the stock out there. There are plenty of bugs, just need time to recover. Our favorite time is September and October. The crouds are gone, water is warm, and plenty of bugs.
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