Last few months - Wading Sarasota Bay

Has been nothing short of crap. I moved here 6 years ago, and every summer has been nothing short of amazing at a few spots in the bay. If I walked out at sunset with 2 small snook, it was not even worth reporting. 15+ fish nights were common. The last 8 or so trips has yielded 2 decent reds and a handful of snook. Some trips going skunked. Last trip plenty of bait.... very few hits. I know the RT was bad last fall/winter.... I am thinking that has to be the reason!!!!! 2 Trips ago... we were in so many mullet, when a bird flew overhead you would see blowouts the size of school buses. Last trip - tons of white bait and small pins. Its not the "time of year" for it to be slow... Going through reports/pics... I was getting 30" snook all July and August in years past... What in the!??!?!!?!?


  • WadeFishermanWadeFisherman Posts: 437 Deckhand
    It is all about technique. Actually try those soft lures I gave you...maybe it is time again for them. Things will turn around soon, hang in there.
  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 599 Officer
    Ah we are so spoiled living in Florida. Keep at it, everything's cyclical, it will be slow for a few weeks, then something will trigger fish movement and it will be on again. Never give up! Use this time to scout new areas and just observe the water.
  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,879 Captain
    It has been an interesting season.

    Estero Bay has had uncommonly low numbers of quality white bait.

    I haven't seen it this bad in 4-6 years.
  • former bluefishinnyformer bluefishinny Posts: 1,489 Officer
    Thanks guys.... I hear you about "scouting new areas"..... Definately. But I much prefer doing that when its 70 degrees with neg low's vs 90+ degrees lol. Just depressing, that this spot - that is literally less than 10 minutes away - (actually I moved into my home because of the location to this spot) - is this slow. The rest of the spots (remember - I am wading) - are 45+ min drive. :(
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