FT/FS- AR15's, AK's, Glock and More

So I was going through my gun vaults and decided it's time to down size my collection a bit. I will be listing the firearms as I get them out and photographed. All guns will eventually be on display at a Lee County FFL dealers show room, once I verify who the interested party is we can arrange to see and handle firearms. I am interested in other firearms, no more poly pistols though I like METAL, 1911's, CZ's, Hi Power, ect. All sorts of rifles, especially long range shooter in 6.5 creedmore, Tec9, metal Tangfolio's , and what ever else the worse I can do is say no. Could also use a bow mount trolling motor, at least 55" shaft , 50lb thrust. 12 or 24 volt. NO DIGITAL MOTORGUIDES prefer a Riptide. So here is the first round for sale, more pics to follow. I prefer to barter but cash offers welcome

- Like new Glock 21sf, .45 acp comes with Glock hard case and 3 Glock Mags. Excellent shooter, very accurate striker fired and Glock reliable. Gen 3

-Romanian SAR 1 AKM (AK47) strait sites, Tapco Gen2 trigger which is excellent no more trigger slap and crisp break and reset. Great shooter will eat anything and keep going. Threaded bbl and muzzle brake too.

-"SCAR" clone, like new ISSC MK22 Gen2 Semi-Auto Rifle. 22 LR Caliber, Black Folding Stock - 16in,bbl. W / 22 Round Mag, Walther match grade barrel, German made quality. Very accurate less than 100 rds through it with no failures. Charging handle can go on either side of receiver just like the real SCAR.

- Yugo M70 AK Semi-Auto N-PAP Gen II Rifle- Yugo M70 AK-Type Rifle manufactured by Zastava is N-PAP Gen II w/ side rail and a single 30 Round Mag. This Yugo M70 AK rifle is Serbian made and features 7.62x39 caliber with Beautiful Teak Wood Furniture, pics to come.

- AR15- Yankee Hill Upper w/16 in. bbl, Olympic Arms lower with J&P enterprises fire control group and magpul stock .Extremely accurate and build quality and components second to none.

-AR15- J&P lower and PSA free float upper with, stainless match grade target bbl, 13.5" lightweight keymod, Brand new, never shot .


  • wizard78wizard78 Posts: 493 Deckhand
    Well, since there are no prices, I guess it's an auction so..... I'll bid $10 for the whole batch and throw in a six pack of your favorite beer.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 578 Officer
    As I stated in the post, Id prefer to barter or trade for other firearms or maybe a bow mount trolling motor. But if there is something your genuinely interested shoot me a fair offer or let me know what your interested in and I'll give you a cash price
  • chickenrigchickenrig Posts: 38 Greenhorn
    I'll go $20 on the lot and you keep the Glock
  • Clintm24Clintm24 Posts: 32 Greenhorn
    Sent u a pm
  • tagtag Posts: 8,791 Admiral
    $25, 1 slim jim and 2 moon pies
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 578 Officer
    Clintm24 wrote: »
    Sent u a pm

    I didn't see anything I'll check again when I get to my computer
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 578 Officer
    @Clintm24- Pm received and replied to.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 578 Officer
    Glock 21sf and Yugo M70 are GONE
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