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It's a three-pete

I can hardly believe my good luck. I get out today and some of the local talent is already either in the water..or gone.
I ramp in and head to my first two spots that are empty...just like yesterday...but I finally find a couple nice Trout...they are big males because they were drumming their heads off when I landed them.


I get two and missed a couple...again today they were hitting funny...just slapping at the chug bug. I didn't stay because i knew with it being the end of outgoing...snook would be hard...

Was prospecting for snook and got another big male on the CAL


I switched locations...and colors. I got lucky and caught 3 like this on the white head with "greenie" CAL.


And yes...they are still small... maybe the hot water shrank them... :huh :grin

So, now it was a run south and lots of looking...heavy clouds made it tough and only saw one that I did not get much of a shot at...till I moved one last time...spooked one and about 75 feet away..was another that was just sitting still. I got a good shot on it and it was game on! Not as nice as the last two days Reds...but not terrible.


Really washed out color...

So, that is a three-pete... I would have bet against it...
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Many things to do.
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