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Destin Bay/Surf Fishing Tips Needed

Ryan98720Ryan98720 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Okay! I made a post on here about a week or 2 ago, asking for advice about a new spinning rod and reel combo. I had a lot of responses, and ended up deciding to get a Penn Pursuit II 8000 10' combo. I know the Pursuit isn't as good as the Fierce or Battle, but with as little saltwater fishing I do(once a year) I think this is the best option for me and my budget. Ive always wanted to do some shark fishing, and will be staying at Destin West Beach and Bay Resort in about a week. Would you guys suggest fishing from the dock in the bay or the surf? My goal is to catch sharks definitely no larger than 5' and I think that might be a little much for the reel I have. I have some 10/o Circle hooks, some coated steel wire and some 100 lb mono leader. How should I setup the new reel? Like what pound test braid and do I need any kind of top shot? Ive heard Bonita is a good bait as well as ladyfish. Where can I get this bait? What time is best? Ingoing or Outgoing tide? Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!


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