FL Keys-5600 GPS Waypoints

Over the last several days someone was selling my numbers that he purchased from me as his own compilation of numbers. There is nothing illegal about this, but it is certainly unethical. I asked him to stop, and it appears that he has complied, which I appreciate.

So, I am actually selling over 5500 waypoints from the keys, over 5600 including the public numbers I added.

They are legitimate (see thehulltruth ad and feedback titled-FL Keys-5600 GPS Waypoints).

I removed the descriptions so that all the honey holes would not be devastated immediately and it's still fishing.

Those who do not know how to read bottom, fish, or transfer .gpx, .usr files to their gps are not going to be as successful as those who do.

Overview: less than 30' - lobster spots
less than 300' -wrecks, ledges, pinnacles, hardbottom, etc.
more than 300' - deep drop/swords, etc.

Feedback: See thehulltruth comments and notice zero negative feedback

Questions: read ad, read posts on thehulltruth, reread ad, email: [email protected]

Original post on thehulltruth:

FOR SALE- JUST IN TIME FOR LOBSTER SEASON!!: I am selling an extensive compilation of GPS coordinates from Key Largo all the way to the Tortugas. These files consist of numbers on both the Gulf and Atlantic side. Lobster holes, coral heads, wrecks, reefs and deep drop ledges/pinnacles. I have also taken the time to enter every public number available for each area. Quit wasting your valuable vacation time and gas money searching for spots. This information will allow you to maximize your fishing productivity while frequenting these areas.

There are shallow spots easily accessible by small boats as well as offshore numbers. These numbers are true GPS coordinates, not loran conversions.

These are proven spots for lobster, grouper, yellowtail, mangrove, mutton, hogfish, cobia, permit, kingfish, amberjack, swordfish and tuna. Many areas have clumps of numbers outlining an area of ledges, rock piles, potholes, wreck debris, etc.

I have separated the files into 4 major regions of the Keys. Below is a description of each area along with a color coordinated map to give an example of the areas covered.

Key Largo/Islamorada (YELLOW)- 1,667 Waypoints
Marathon- (RED)- 1,320 Waypoints
Key West/ Big Pine Key (GREEN)- 1,172 Waypoints
Marquesas/Tortugas (BLUE)- 1,442 Waypoints

The price for each region is $100 FIRM. If you would like to purchase all 4 regions (5,600 waypoints) the price is $350. Payment must be made through PayPal. You will receive an email of the purchased file in GPX. I can also put the numbers in almost any other GPS format, by request.

Please send me a private message including the region(s) you would like to purchase and I will email you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is received, I will send you an email with the coordinates.


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    Mini Season starts tomorrow, all PMs responded to.
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    Bought these on another forum THT if anyone wants to know my results so far shoot me a PM not afraid to share
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