Dry Tortugas 7/24 with Capt. Hammer

Went on a day trip (long day 14 hours) with some family, friends and Captain Rob Hammer to the Dry Tortugas. The conditions were not ideal but he didn't disappoint. If you haven't fished with Rob you should it's great to be on a boat with someone who cares so much about being successful. He also went out of his way to make the day pleasant for my 9 year old daughter and my wife, both of which kicked ours butts fish wise.

Trips results, 10 species;
American Red Snapper, several released at least 8
Red Grouper, 4 total, two big ones, one was the biggest red I've ever seen
Black Grouper 1
Scamp Grouper 3
Muttons 5
Amberjacks 2
Dusky Shark 1 about 200lb+ Rob got stuck catching it:rotflmao
Kingfish 1
Barracuda 1
Bonito 1
2016 39 Sea Vee
2008 37 Ocean Billfish
2005 30 Grady-White Marlin
1993 27 Ultress Catamaran
1985 Grady-White Trophy


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