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Back to back

So, with water getting hotter, dirtier, and lower in the early morning...I would not like my chances to go back to back on a slam but I got lucky. The first two spots are empty but I noticed the water was very off looking...and no bait..so I ran. Next spot was pretty decent.
I got 4 low / middle slot trout and a jack and missed several more on the chug bug. The trick was pop and pop and pop till it was right at the edge of the drop off...then let it sit.


I was already kinda north...so i stopped at a spot that I had not been at...and got this little guy...and yes...I know it is small.... :grin


OK...VERY small....

So now it gets interesting... a long run south...I see that the water is still trashed...and we have cloud cover. I do see 2 Reds...but I am almost on top of them and can't get them to go. a couple empty spots...and it is gaining on 10 AM... hit one spot and I see way up under...and between some roots..a nice Red. This..is not going to be easy...:huh
I take a near dead finger mullet and cut a plug....and place it 10 feet ahead of the fish....and wait. I stayed tight to the bait and knew if it took it...I would have to go at it like a coked up spider monkey. :grin I get the take...and it's on!


So, there it is...#31

I was at 54 on this day last year...
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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