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3 hours...3 fish...

Well, not great...but at least it was the right 3. :grin
I put in at Wabasso and was watching quite a show to the east. I was somewhat concerned with what it was actually doing and if I was going to get away with fishing..or how long. As it turned out..I never even got a drop of rain on me. The tide was the last few hours of incoming turning out. The water ranged from horrible...to pretty bad. A couple very shallow shelves had site-able water.
Anyway, I ran north away from what looked iffy weather wise...and was able to get a small snook on the Red & white chug bug...it was still dark so I didn't mess with the picture. As it got lighter I ran back south and hit a spot that can sometimes give up a fish...and even though bait was not showing...I got this..


So, it is 7 AM...I keep heading south looking at spots...saw a Red but no dice on plastic. On to another spot and while I did not get any fish...there was a little bait...so I made a couple toss's...and got a couple. So, lots more looking...saw a couple more Reds...a couple big snook sitting high in the water column..but not getting any looks. So, I do what is very difficult for me....sit still. I went back to where I saw 2 Reds and a nice snook...and after about 10 minutes...


So... 9:15 and that is #29
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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