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Any bait holding on the beaches at sebastian inlet?

Heading out tomorrow early am to fish beaches around the inlet. Any bait stacked on the beaches that anyone has seen. Hoping to get few snook releases. Gonna be throwing plugs along the beach hoping for a few.


  • redsnducksredsnducks Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    Not seeing the big schools of bait near the beach that were holding the tarpon up in Satellite/PAFB area the last few weeks.
  • ShallowMinded31ShallowMinded31 Posts: 113 Officer
    not much in melbourne beach this morning. Not many snook either. they have moved seemingly from last week with the drop in water temp.
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  • 410shotgunner410shotgunner Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    If you can go onto Facebook and look up Sebastian Fishing Club, a few of the members post what going on there pretty often, don't have to join club to see posts.
  • jknjknjknjknjknjkn Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Not much happening early am south side of park..1 Jack on a popper. Seen some schools few hundred yds off beach getting harassed.
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,925 AG
    Bait has been getting less and less at Sebastian for years now..... something to do with the state of the river ?? Maybe.....
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  • jknjknjknjknjknjkn Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    I know for sure bait around my place in Grant has suffered the past 10 yrs. I used to have grass flats all around my place and the surrounding spoil islands. Now nothing but bare flats with sprinkling of seagrass here and there. Gone are the days of catching 5lb+ trout every morning if you put the work in. I virtually have mud flats all around me. No more crabs like you used to have. Competition for crabs in the river is so bad. The ****ing commercial crabbers snatch your traps at night or cut the rope. I used to think I had a fishing paradise on grant farm island. Now all I have is a sailcat and drink trout fishery.
  • moose3240moose3240 Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Been out regularly around SI. North of the inlet is holding tarpon, a lot of them, just no bait there yet. South side has jacks and some tarpon but not much bait to get them going.
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    Mullet run had already started this time last year, but not this year. Beaches are beautiful, but nothing to fish for or with!
  • beachsideandybeachsideandy Posts: 925 Officer
    South of the inlet there were greenies everywhere just off the beach on Sunday. 2 guys with sabiki's easily filled the well. I heard there were small pilchards right on the beach in the surf but I can't get in that close with my boat.
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 801 Officer
    OP let us know how you do, I haven't been down that area in a while but curious as well!
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