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7-22 Late Start And Not Much Deep But Got Dinner

Late late start for us as I could not fix a broken grease fitting on our engine lower unit:banghead:banghead:banghead, ended up putting a screw in for a bandaid fix so we launched mid morning. Headed south in some sloppy seas, scattered weeds around 300 and put the spread in at 425. Went out to almost 600 and started heading back in, trolling a few ballys but no takers. Found some man o war birds but they were fishing just like we were. Back on the reef in 50 feet and plugged away with some cut bait, Mrs. LA was high hook today so congrats to her!:grin Seas laid down nicely as the afternoon wore on, caught a ton of fish with several short groupers, tons of grunts, short snapper and then one dastardly most likely large grouper that ran and bent my 1/0 hook, bummer. Lot of fun and thankfuly to be out once again.

Blackened snapper with a mixed vegetable au gratin, very tasty. Back out in a few hours to scope for some bugs and hopefully shoot a few fish.


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