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Offshore Cudjoe Yesterday p2

Decided we would do the same thing as last time, but instead of deep dropping we would try drifting in around 200 because we couldn't make much happen on the reef recently. Marked lots of fish on the bottom, but couldn't manage a bite:huh ended up leaving that and going to eat lunch and regroup over by american shoal. After that ran out to about 150 and found a flew flocks of birds. Bonitos, bonitos, bonitos, and more bonitos. We just couldn't get away from them. We ran out to 250, found frigates, more bonitos. Ran to 450, finally found something worth trying. Another flock of birds, ended up with 2 blackfin and a bonito. Then ran out to 700, and on the way there in a depth I don't remember we found a few more bonitos. Found a scattered weedline in 700 that didn't produce anything but a massive school of filefish and lots of clearing lines. On our way back, we raced a boat to another flock, they only got bonitos. Finally, we found one more flock to ourselves, and low and behold, a triple header on bonitos :banghead . Ended up putting 5 in the box. and letting the rest go.Bonitos are fun, but eventually just get annoying, and you can only keep so much bait. Is there anything that we're doing wrong here? Or was the ocean just full of bonitos yesterday? We trolled a purple and blue chugger, green feather, green and yellow tuna chain, and one down deep for a hoo. We'd also like to find some phins, to we need to go out deeper?


  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 661 Officer
    I've never seen the ocean contaminated with Bonito. Sure sounds like you were in them. Sorry for asking, but is there any chance they were skipjack tuna? I found dolphin from 400-600 Tuesday. If you are convinced that there are no dolphin close you could always run to the wall (27 miles). Try finding healthier weedlines too. I know there has been plenty of types out there
  • SaltologySaltology Posts: 125 Deckhand
    Nope they were bonitos lol all over the birds and mixed with the blackfin. They had all the normal markings
  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 661 Officer
  • dglowedglowe Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    We did the exact same thing on thursday. Caught bonito on 5 different schools from 200' all the way out to the wall. Primarily caught bonito with the occasional skipjack. When we got to the wall we saw about 150 birds over a huge school of blackfin, skipjack, and bonito. Only got 2 BFT out of it and the rest were the others. Did not see a single dolphin all afternoon and last week it seemed all we found were dolphin and no tuna. Ocean is starting to kick back up again but I hope to get back after em soon before mini season.
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