St. Pete beach shark

Hi folks,

I had a coupe of buddies fly in from Toronto for a long weekend and they really wanted to check out some of this salt water fishing I've been talking about. They were landing Friday evening, so after work I zipped over to the Alafia and cast netted some mullet, chopped them up and put them on ice. I then went straight to the airport, picked up my friends, stopped by a local brewery for a beer and some cigars, and drove down to St. Pete beach before even dropping the luggage at my place...

It was just after sunset, we set up my two shark rods and I kayaked the mullet chunks out to about 100 yards off the beach. Within 30 minutes, we had a run and, lo and behold, we had a solid hookup on the first take. The guys were so pumped, taking turns reeling in this heavy fish (much bigger than our bass/pike/walleye up north, lol).

Within 15 minutes, he was beached and we pulled out the hook with ease. After a few quick pics, he swam off strong and the boys were pumped! We had a break off and a couple dropped baits after that first one but we didn't land anything else. Regardless, nice way for them to spend their first few hours in Florida!

Here are some pics below. I'm still working on my shark IDs, but I think it's a sandbar? Possibly a dusky? Looked like a male on account of the claspers. Came in a couple inches shy of 5-feet.










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