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Troutless Tuesday

18 July 2017...Vero to Grand Harbor...Troutless day. Cruise down Rag Baggers Row, just a few left. Another day on this stretch, nothing but Hardhead Cats and small Snapper. Head into McCullers Cove, hoping to find Trout or Tarpon in the back corner, not today. Work the Mangroves all the way back out, few small patches of grass. Seeing big Trout, Drum and Cats. Only thing working, Cats. Head across to Grand Harbor, boat coming out, he fishes the area regularly, pair of Drum and a small Snook. Give it a try, pair of short Snook. Storm alarm from the South, head to the bridge for cover. 2 more small Snook and lost 2. Hard getting them in when you can not get the rod above horizontal. Snapper scarce because of the Snook, got one that was right at the legal mark. Pass on the Trout flat, storms not on a predictable path. Back to the Estuary and Johns Island to find a Sheepshead entry. First stop pitch the Baby Vudu back into the culvert, work it out and let it drop at the edge. Tap, lift up and the fun started, did not get it in, but thinking big Sheepie or Drum. Shelter in, sun shower. Surprised that their were no Tarpon in this area. Did get a small Fat Snook. Next culvert, nothing and more nothing. Get a cast back under the Mangroves to the wall. Tap, good hook up, hoping Sheepie, first jump, Snook. Battle in and out of the Mangroves. Just under 29 inches, good for a CCA entry. Back into the ditch, saw a small Shark on the way. See one small Tarpon rolling. Work the Mangroves, hook a short Drum, while landing it something started crashing bait, thinking Tarpon. Wrong guess, big stick working, big Gar that I have been trying to get for a few years. Got a bump, but missed. Followed her down the Mangroves, but could not get a good shot. Worked to the back pocket, bump, quick run and jump, Tarpon gone. On to the search for Sheepies, a lot up and working, touchy. Finally got one that was 14 inches, CCA entry, head for home. Hoping that they will get active enough for catching them on the fly rod. Check out the canal on the West shore, heavy fresh water flow. Saw one small Gar.
All fish released for another day.


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