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Summerland Offshore 07/18

My dad is in town. Been itching to head out (have not fished enough this summer). Left at daybreak. Spotted two birds in 400. Peanut schoolies. In the distance saw 5 birds on flying fish, just peanuts again. We began our troll there. At 550 Saw 2 manowar birds diving. We brought in our lines and ran and ran and ran until we got to them. Upon the approach noticed weedlines running predominantly east and west, Set our lines out all 4 lines get whacked and tangled. I spent the next 20 minutes gaffing fish for dad and untangling the lines. On that school we caught 5 fish that were 9 pounds and greater. We let the rest go. At this point we wanted to see if we could get anything bigger. We trolled around the 600 ft corridor working different lines and birds only to find smaller legal sized schoolies. We worked our way inward and saw a nicer sized bull swim next to the boat. Pitched a hoo in wash and bam fish on. Gave the pole to dad and I gaffed. Just shy of 15 pounds.

Lots and lots and lots of fish where we were.


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