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Wabasso 7 / 15

So, while the fishing was far from stellar... I did finally get my son to teach me how to work around the "no 3rd party hosting" stuff from photobucket. I'm tech challenged so it was not easy for him..or me. :grin

The past 2 weeks have been hard...some days good numbers of snook...some days a good fish here or there... I've had to work at getting a trout which is usually done with topwater early...then on to snook...then long fruitless attempts at Reds. Redfish has been crazy hard because even when I see one or two in a morning... I'm getting refused on lures.
So, today starts bad...first fish is a Gafftop cat on the jig in the dark....:banghead
As it gets enough light to see, I start throwing the topwater ( Red & white chug bug) and get several blow ups..but no connection. It's getting frustrating ...and late...but I run to a west shore spot and I manage a slot Trout.


On to look for a snook... next spot I hook up something very good...but...I have a leader knot failure. I usually retie every morning but did not today...live and learn...but I'm not happy and the tide is quickly draining that flat so I run.
I head way south of Wabasso and hit one of my known spots...and get a snook...


so, now it is where I can normally get in the day...2 out of the 3 done...but on the hunt for the Red unicorn fish :grin
With so many refusals...I decide to use a cut plug of mojarra.....and the first fish ignores it...but I see another further down...make a long cast and let it sit...and...


So, there it is...# 28 I was thinking that it would never happen again... On the trailer at 9:30...It's Africa hot....so is the water.
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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