Time to repower the saltwater trolling motor.

RedalertRedalert Posts: 30 Deckhand
Looking for advice been looking at the saltwater versions of the Xi5 and the Ulterra. I lean towards liking the Ulterra more with the autp stow and deploy but i read alot of issues reported with the Gen1 and the worm gear. Does anyone have experience with the gen 2 and issues? Dont want to spend over 2k on a trolling motor that is constantly in the shop for repair.


  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 569 Officer
    You should check out Rhodan - designed and made inFlorida by a former aeronautical engineer. Better built than MinKota or Motorguide. I bought one last year and could not be more pleased with. Looked at them at the Miami Boat Show - MinKota was right across the aisle and Rhodan beat it hands down! Their circuit board is 100% water and shock proof with some fancy gel on it. It does not automatically deploy but its GPS anchoring and the way you can move in any direction a few feet while your stopped is awesome.

    I don't work for them but when I find a great product, I'm all-in letting people know about them!

    Go to their website and watch the videos also if you call them their own people will talk to you about them - unlike the others who may not know squat about their product.
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