Tampa Bay Grouper 6-17-17

Got to Annie's B&T 7A.M. only to find they had just sold out of Pins :banghead so bought 3 dozen selects and drove over to bulkhead. After 20 minutes of chumming, my boat became SURROUNDED by greenies...all smaller than 2"...absolutely useless for me. I ended up getting 6 pinfish 3-5" after an hour. I took what I had and went offshore to 60'.

Pulled up to my first spot at 9:30 a.m. and it was covered in bonito schools. I've never seen schools of bonito that large breaking water like they were on the west coast. Something I used to see in the gulf stream out of Canaveral...Atleast I knew bait was here! Dropped 3 lines with 3 pinfish on knocker rigs (2 OZ weights w/ 6ot Circle hooks). Within 5 minutes I had my first red grouper in the boat. Measured right at 21". Of the 6 pins I had netted, one was absolutely massive (about 6"). I dropped this one down on my heavy standup combo. After another 5 ish minutes, I hear the alarm go off briefly. Strange strike, but ended up being a SLOB red.

After 30 minutes, I had 2 fish in the box and no pins in the well :shrug . I brought in all the my heavy bottom gear and pulled out my inshore tackle. Nothing like bottom fishing with a couple 3000 shimanos with 10# braid and light action 7'6" rods. Tied on some 40# leader with 2oz eggs and 2ot circles. Began to drop down the shrimp. Had hits on every drop. Ended up pulling in 5 more reds (all between 12-18") and a few undersized mangos. Did however hook a legal gag on shrimp. Ran out of bait by 12 p.m. and got into port just before 12:30. Great day on the water. Glad I got to take my bay boat out for a change.

PS Any advice on where to find PINS ? :rotflmao


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