Team Cobia Middle Ground 7/1/17

Hi everyone and Happy Fourth of July. Saturday, 1 July was my 1st trip with the Cobia to the famous Florida middle grounds. The thunderstorm activity was significant but fortunately, not the type of T-STorm weather that kicks up the seas. Otherwise, the seas where calm, hot and the air steamy.

We started the day collecting pins from traps that my Cousin Lief was kind enough to deploy for us the day before. After pinning up, we ventured out on a 75 mile run to the SE middle grounds to an area that is commonly called "snapper heaven." We dropped sardines and got instant results. Both Mangos and ARS quickly came aboard. At this location, Jeff while letting out a jig for snapper crossed paths with a nice Blackfin tuna....the first for my boat.

However, a cluster of T-storms pushed us off the grounds and we ran south to the pipeline in 165feet of water. I could not find the pipe station, but there were AJs around and AJs typically only hang out on structure and ledges. Blace caught one of those out of season AJs. A good fight as always. So we may have been closed to the pipe station or the Pipe itself provided enough structure. Jeff got a monster smoker king I wished we measured at the same location. ​

After weaving through some t-storms, we worked our way back to the grounds after the T-Storms let the middle grounds and go back to work on snapper heaven. Upon our return, the ARS where gone, but the grouper bite was dang good and the Mangoes where chewing as well possibly to be expected for the late afternoon. Max got a brute of a gag and we actually boated two of the mythical keeper Red Groupers. Threw back some undersized scamps and lots of undersized red grouper.

It was a long day. We put in 203 miles of running burning up 146 gallons. I did not imagine on my first trip the grounds that would have run south within range of the north part of the elbow. When you go offshore, you never know what you will encounter or how the day will pan out, but it was a good one.

I will send out the report on our 3 July trip with Pics hopefully by the 6th. You will need to click on the google drive links for the pictures and vids.



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