Looking for pig and venison sausage recipes

winwin Posts: 43 Greenhorn
Looking for easy to find ingredients for 1. link sausage and 2. breakfast sausage.
How about some ideas for spices and meats to add in for moisture.


  • TerribleTedTerribleTed Posts: 105 Deckhand
    Moisture is from fat content. About 1 to 1/2 lb per 5 lbs of meat

    You want about 20 percent. Also people don't eat enough cartilage material in there diet so grind up the tendon filled meat. Shanks, tendons in them its good for you. Wont make any bad taste. It healthy to eat it. See the link

    You can find recipes online or buy them from LEM or http://www.alliedkenco.com/ I buy some mixes its cheaper and easy, I also add to some.
    You can mix venison, pork and beef for breakfast find a recipe with sage in it.

    Now if you mix your own use about 1/2 cup of water with the seasoning with help you mix it in. Vegie bags work great to pack up meat. you can see in the pictures roll them up and get the air out. Then I wrap in butcher paper. I






    I made hot breakfast, salami, bologna and peperoni. Today I will make the Italian and Brats.
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